Monday 03 October 2022
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Regulations of the Department of Microbiology for postgraduate students


.The presence of all graduate students is required from 8 Am to 4 Pm


 .It is mandatory for students to wear robes in educational and research laboratories


 Students entering the laboratory must be in coordination with laboratory experts and students are required to inform the exact date and time of use of the devices to the laboratory experts and deliver all equipment and devices safely to the next person, so students must be both when receiving the device and  Make sure the device is safe at the end of work and at the time of delivery


 Two sessions of unjustified absence of the student in the educational classes with the opinion of the group and the teacher can lead to the elimination of the student. A justified absence session will also remove the lesson


All students can take leave two days a month in coordination with the group, provided that the group's educational and research activities are not disrupted. The group's satisfaction with the students' educational activity is the basis of their leave


 .Students are required to approve the subject of their proposal by the end of the third semester


. The presence of all graduate students in the Journal Club is mandatory